Re-Cal Calibration takes to the road

Re-CAL onsite- calibration van

Re-Cal Calibration takes to the road

Re-Cal has introduced a mobile calibration laboratory to meet the demand for onsite calibration days.

Re-Cal currently offers a free nationwide collection and return delivery service, supported by the unique U-Crate, whereby the   client is supplied with a personalised calibration crate. This has already enabled us to provide the fastest most secure calibration service in the UK.

For businesses that have a large quantity of test equipment and want to minimise the down time even more and also have the security of keeping all of the equipment onsite. The Re-Cal lab on wheels now offers the ideal solution.

The Re-Cal lab  on wheels has been equipped with top of the line Transmille calibrators with UKAS accredited certificates. Coupled with other precision calibration equipment means we can calibrate virtually all makes and models of test equipment onsite. The lab on wheels is fully integrated. We simply park up plug in, flip open the lap top and we are ready to calibrate within minutes of arriving on site.

The calibration system is fully automated and software driven. The calibration certificates are fully traceable and. The test certificate is system generated with the test results being taken directly from the calibrator.

There are business offering onsite calibration,  which use simple checkboxes that are only capable of checking a limited range of equipment. In addition the certificate is generated by hand typing the test results in to a excel template. This method does not present clear traceability and accuracy. Also checkbox’s have limited scope generally only covering 17th Edition and PAT testers.

The Re-Cal mobile lab is the first of its kind in our industry. The lab on wheels provides a fully traceable system generated certificate with the security of keeping you equipment on your site and with zero down time.

To book a calibration day on your premises please call: 0161 877 3621  or email:


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