On-site Calibration Services

Our state-of-the-art mobile laboratory dubbed ‘the Lab on Wheels’ offers mobile on-site calibration services throughout the UK.

Minimise downtime & keep equipment onsite

For businesses that have a large quantity of test equipment and want to minimise downtime whilst also having the security of keeping all of the equipment onsite, the Re-Cal mobile laboratory offers the ideal solution.

The Re-Cal lab on wheels is equipped with top of the line, precision calibration equipment. This means that we can calibrate virtually all makes and models of test equipment onsite. The mobile lab is fully integrated – we simply park up, plug in, flip open the laptop and we are ready to calibrate within minutes of arriving on site.

Re-CAL’s expert technical engineers are highly trained, fully qualified and approved to calibrate and repair test equipment from all of the leading manufacturers of electrical and electronic test instruments. All test certificates issued are fully traceable to national standards.

We offer a local, friendly service at a national level. 

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A name you can trust

Re-CAL is a proud member of the Di-LOG group, the country’s leading manufacturer of electrical testing equipment. We recognise the needs of test professionals and understand the practical requirements of today’s testing. Our dedicated team of experienced Technical Engineers bring years of experience and extensive knowledge to each job and can offer an unbiased technical opinion on a vast array of instruments.