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Megger Test Instruments

Re-CAL are official distributors of Megger products, we specialise in 17th Edition, PAT Testers and lots more.

Megger 17th Edition

  • MFT1710

    • 17th Edition tester offering CAT IV, 3 and 2-wire non trip loop testing with resistance and fault current display,frequency measurement and the largest, brightest and clearest display on the market.


    Our Price: £471.00

  • MFT1720

    • 17th Edition testers offering all the benefits of the MFT1710, plus auto RCD testing, phase rotation, programmable and 3-phase RCD testing and current measurement with the optional clamp.


    Our Price: £675.00

  • MFT1730

    • 17th Edition testers brings Type B RCD testing, 3-pole earth electrode testing to a downloading and rechargeable instrument.


    Our Price: £795.00